Chapter 2.3.2 Screenshot

Screenshot is a program to take screenshots.


To use screenshot the whole screen takes a screenshot of your Whole screen, Current Window Only takes only the current window, and Capture an area of the screen lets you select an area interactively. To start the interactive area left click and then drag the mouse in a rectangle to select the area you want to take a screenshot. There is also a Delay for the screenshot you can set like a timer for a camera in the bottom right corner of the screen. Using the Delay feature can be useful to take pictures of menus if you are trying to capture them.

To have your titlebar and frame around the window on the current window check the Include window title and frame. The Include mouse cursor checkbox will include your mouse cursor in the screenshot.

After taking your screenshot it will open up in the image viewer and to save it press Control + S or File ‣ Save. If you did not get what you want in the screenshot you can take another with File ‣ Capture Screenshot.




Lubuntu ships with version 0.14.1 of screenshot.

How to Launch

To launch screenshot from the menu Grapics ‣ Screenshot or run

lximage-qt -s

from the command line. Pressing the printscreen key also brings up the screenshot dialog. The icon to launch screenshot looks like a camera.