Chapter 2.4.1 ARK

ARK is a file archieve utility. It can be used to view, compress, and decompress files.

Supported file formats include:

  • 7 zip archives
  • Java Archieve
  • Tar Archieves
  • Tar acrhieves compressed with bzip, gzip, lzip, LZMA, XZ compressed
  • Zip Archieves




To open a file in a archieve, open the archieve, then double click the File ‣ Open button. If you want to extract or move a file from the archieve, use the extract button. After you have extracted to places and you have the file open it will appear in in the menu for quick areas to extract to in Archive ‣ Extract All ‣ Quick Extract to. To preview a file press Control +P or File ‣ Preview. To open a file placed in an archieve File ‣ Open. To rename a file in an archieve press f2 or File ‣ Rename. To delete a file from an archieve press Delete or File ‣ Delete and you will have a confirmation so you do not accidently lose data as this can’t be undone.

To create an archieve press Control +N or archieve ‣ new button to bring up the create new archive dialog. Enter in the folder you want to create this archieve in the folder or press the folder button on the right to select where to create this archieve. Type the filename of the archieve you want to name the file. To select which type of archieve you get a drop down menu to select tar or zip archieve with various different kinds of compression. Some types of archives will allow to expand tunable settings of compression to change the compression with higher compression but will take more cpu to decompress.

To add a file to your archive Archive ‣ Add Files which brings up a file picker to choose how to add files. Once you add a file press the Add button to add a file. If you want to select multiple files to add at once you can hold down Control and then left click on the files.

To view how to open recent archives Archive ‣ Open Recent. To clear the list of recent files Archive ‣ Open Recent ‣ Clear List.


Lubuntu ships version 4:18.04.3 of ARK.

How to launch

To launch ARK go to the menu Accessories ‣ ARK or run


on the command line. The icon for ARK looks like a green box with a zipper.