Chapter 2.5.3 VLC

VLC is the default media player for Lubuntu that can open both audio and video files.


To open media stored locally on your system click media open media ‣ Open file and navigate your local files or press control +o on the keyboard to open files stored locally on your machine. If you wish to open media from somewhere on the internet on media ‣ open network stream or press :kbd”control + n. To open a whole directory use media ‣ Open Directory or press control +F. VLC also keeps track of recently opened media in case you want to view media again in Media ‣ Open Recent Media ‣ file name. If you have copied a path in your clipboard or something you can press Control +V.

To pause playback of a file press the button that look like two verical lines or Playback ‣ Pause. To resume playback press the right playback button. To toggle fullscreen press the button which has the four corners of the screen or Video ‣ Fullscreen to make it fullscreen and the four screens to have it back into windowed mode. To have vlc always on top View ‣ Always on top.

On the bottom right of vlc there is a bar that gets wider for volume. Click farther to the right to increase volume within vlc or press Up arrow to increase volume or Down arrow to decrease volume. Or hover the cursor over this bar and use the mousewheel to control volume. The button that looks like a speaker next to this toggles mute in vlc. Another way to mute the volume is to Audio ‣ Mute.

To make the same sound come out of both speakers go to Audio ‣ Stereo mode ‣ Mono. The sound to make a different left and right channel on each speaker will be Audio ‣ Stereo Mode ‣ Stereo. To make all sound come from the left channel Audio ‣ Stereo Mode ‣ Left and likewise for Right.

To see how long you have been watching the current piece of media counts up above the play pause button in a time. At the other side a number will show the length of the media you are playing and inbetween is a slider with the current time. Moving the slider to the left will rewind playback while moving it to the left will fast forward playback. When you mouseover the progress for playback it will show the time at that point and that will jump to that time when you left click. Another way to jump to a specific time is to press control +T or Playback ‣ Jump to specific time. To move back 10 seconds in playback press Left arrow. To jump forward 10 seconds in playback press Right arrow.

To open an equalizier press the button that looks like several physical slider swichtes and on the audio effects equalizer tab press enable on the equalizer. Then to increase or decrease the sound at each frequency up to increase the volcume at that frequency.

To view a playlist of music or videos you can view press the button that is several horizontal lines and then a trianglular play button on it or press Control + l. This will bring up a whole view of your playlist. To return to your original view press Control + l. To add more files to your playlist right click on the bottom of the playlist window and click add file to add an additonal file. To move the playlist to a particular file and to have that play double click that file. To change the view of the playlist right click playlist view mode to the version of the playlist you like the look of the best.


To loop the current playlist over and over press the button with an arrow pointing to the right and then another arrow below it pointing to the left. To randomize your playlist press the button with two crossing arrows on it.

To speed up playback faster than normal press the + key or use Playback ‣ Speed ‣ Faster. To slow down playback slower than normal press the - key Playback ‣ Speed ‣ Slower. If you want to reset your speed to normal Playback ‣ Speed ‣ Normal speed. If you want to have vlc end at the end of the playlist click the checkbox Media ‣ Quit at end of playlist.

To view info on your media press Control + I or click Tools ‣ Media info.

If you want a minimal interface that hides menubar and toolbars press Control +H or View ‣ Minimal View. To access the fucntionality of the menubar you can right click on where the video will play. To get back to the default view press Control+H again or right click and then View ‣ Minimal View.

To view more advanced controls View ‣ Advanced Controls. To view to a status bar with what is playing and the speed with View ‣ Status bar.

To change the aspect ratio of a video Video ‣ Aspect Ratio and select the one you wish.




Lubuntu ships with version 3.0.4 of VLC.

How to launch

to launch vlc in the menu go to Sound and video ‣ VLC media player or run


from the command line.