Chapter 3.1.6 qps

qps a graphical task manager included with Lubuntu.


Lubuntu ships with version 1.10.18 of qps.


To see your memory useage in qps look at the bar that says MEM. The bar for CPU useage shows CPU useage with a bar graph with useage with a bar graphc for cpu useage. The Uptime in the top bar shows how long your computer has been running. A blue bar showing file input output shows graph in blue. Above this there is a green graph that shows your CPU useage as a graph.

To sort your processes by memory click on the mem tab. To have your processes sorted by CPU percentage press the button CPU% To have your processes sorted by CPU%. To sort by the command line of each process you can press the command line. To sort by how much memory is used by each process click on the mem tab.

To change the update period is to Option ‣ Update Period. To change your font Option ‣ Prefrences or put an appearance with the font and font size.

To search for a particular process you can type your type into the search bar right above a particular process right above it. To terminate a process right click on it and select terminate or press delete. To kill a process move the mouse over it right click and select kill or press Alt + K.



How to launch

To launch qps go to the menu System Tools ‣ qps or run


from the command line.