Chapter 4.2 Muon Package Manager

Muon package manager is an alternative GUI for installing and updating updating packages.


To update your packages press the gear button with a clockwise pointed arrow. If updates are available press the upward pointing arrow with a dot on top to install the updates.

To search for a program to install type into the bar at the top that says search. If you find something you want to install you can right click and then mark for installation. When the package you want to install has additional dependencies will show up if you think twice about wanting to install you can click the cancel button to not pull in all those dependeices or press ok to continue looking for software to install. To apply your changes you can press the green checkbox button that says apply changes and you will end up entering your password to confirm you want to install and then the package will be installed.

When you find your package you want to install on the bottom half of the screen there is a bar of tabs. The detail tab has a description of the package you are currently selected. The Technical Details will show you where the package comes from what category it is and what the installed size would be and what size it takes to download the package. The depenedncies tab shows you what other packages are needed by the package you wish to install.

If you want to see your history of package updates and installed from the menu ‣ view ‣ history or press control + h.

To check for updates in muon press Control + R or the gear button with an arrow or Edit ‣ Check for Updates.




Lubuntu ships with version 4:5.8.0 of muon package manager

How to Launch

To launch muon package manager from the menu System Tools ‣ Muon package manager or run


from the command line.