Appendix F Hotkeys shortcuts

Hotkeys, also known as keyboard shortcuts, allow users to easily navigate, start applications, and change settings like resize windows. These are useful as they create a smooth and time efficient user experience. It would benefit users to take a few minutes to learn some of these shortcuts.

Lubuntu has manages the keyboard shortcuts using two layers. Namely, LXQT Global Keys and Openbox.


Global-keys (lxqt-globalkeysd) is a component of the LXQT environment. Gloabal-keys takes preference over Openbox keyboard shortcuts. Global keys are viewed, (dis)enabled and managed using Shortcut keys (Chapter 3.2.14).

Openbox keyboard shortcuts

Openbox keyboard shortcuts is the second layer managing keyboard shortcuts. It is preferred for windows management like resizing.


Global-keys will take preference over openbox bindings. If a key is used in Global-keys, it will not work in Openbox keyboard shortcuts. For example if the W(indows) key opens the LXQT application menu (equivilant of the windows start menu) in Global-keys, Openbox commands like window resizing (W + arrow keys) will not work correctly. Keep this in mind when using and editing keyboard shortcuts.

The table below shows Lubuntu’s default Openbox keyboard shortcuts:

Modifier keys

Key description

S Shift key
C Control key
A Alt key
W Super key (Usually bound to the Windows key on keyboards which have one)
M Meta key
H Hyper key (If it is bound to something)

Keybindings for desktop switching

GoToDesktop C-A-Left
GoToDesktop C-A-Right
GoToDesktop C-A-Up
GoToDesktop C-A-Down
SendToDesktop S-A-Left
SendToDesktop S-A-Right
SendToDesktop S-A-Up
SendToDesktop S-A-Down
GoToDesktop W-F1
GoToDesktop W-F2
GoToDesktop W-F3
GoToDesktop W-F4
ToggleShowDesktop W-d

Keybindings for windows

Close A-F4
Lower A-Escape
ShowMenu A-space

Keybindings for window switching

NextWindow A-Tab
PreviousWindow A-S-Tab
NextWindow C-A-Tab

Keybindings for window switching with the arrow keys

DirectionalCycleWindows W-S-Right
DirectionalCycleWindows W-S-Left
DirectionalCycleWindows W-S-Up
DirectionalCycleWindows W-S-Down


UnmaximizeFull W-Left


UnmaximizeFull W-Right


UnmaximizeFull W-Up


UnmaximizeFull W-Down

Keybindings to toggle fullscreen

ToggleFullscreen F11

Keybindings for running application: File manager

Execute W-e

Keybindings for running application: Lxpanel

Execute W-r
Execute A-F2

Launch task manager on Ctrl + Alt + Del

Execute C-A-Delete

Launch a terminal on Ctrl + Alt + T

Execute C-A-T

Keybinding for terminal button

Execute XF86WWW
Execute XF86Terminal

Keybinding for computer button

Execute XF86MyComputer

Keybindings for Multimedia Keys and LCD Backlight (alternative when not using gnome-power-manager or xfce4-volumed)

Execute C-F7
Execute C-F10
Execute C-F11