Welcome to the Lubuntu Manual!

Welcome to the Lubuntu Manual! This is the official reference book for using Lubuntu. This manual covers many topics, such as installation instructions, applications Lubuntu provides, and much more!

What’s Lubuntu?

The objective of the Lubuntu project is to create a flavor of Ubuntu that is lighter, less resource hungry, and more energy-efficient by using lightweight applications and LXDE, The Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment, as its default GUI.

Lubuntu is targeted at PC and laptop users running on low-spec hardware that, in most cases, just doesn’t have enough resources for all the bells and whistles of the “full-featured” mainstream distributions. Members of the team take care of LXDE and other packages that are part of Lubuntu in the Ubuntu archive. Lubuntu received official recognition as a formal member of the Ubuntu family, beginning with Lubuntu 11.10. Even though Lubuntu is a lightweight distribution, it does not mean you will not be able to run all applications that other distributions are currently offering. It does mean that it is prepared and developed for low-specification computers. Nonetheless, you can run any application available in the official repositories, as long as your hardware can bear with it.

Contact Us

Do you have questions? Want to get involved? Take a look at our official website at Lubuntu.me where you can find the Lubuntu blog, ways to get in contact with us, and our Phabricator instance where we do most of the Lubuntu development.

Thank you!

Thank you for choosing to use Lubuntu!

Authors:Simon Quigley, Brendan Perrine, Jacob Kim, Daniel Lim
Translators:Marcin Mikołajczak