Chapter 2.1.5 Trojita

Trojita is the default IMAP email client of Lubuntu.


Trojita does not do POP3 so you cannot access your email that way with Trojita.


To use Trojita you will need to input your account information. You will need to type in your name so people know what call you and the email address so Trojita needs to know what address to get information from. The IMAP tab has settings for how to get messages to your machine. The Encryption method tells what kind of encryption to use when accessing your mail as needed for your mail provider. The Server field is where you input what server to get your email from. The Port tells Trojita which network port to access the server on. The Username tells Trojita which username to send to the email server.

../../../_images/IMAP_settings.png ../../../_images/IMAP-SMTP.png

After entering this in you will be asked to check the certificate for your server and will need to select the yes for the first time. If you did not insert your password to be stored on your computer a dialog box will popup and you will need to input it.

After you have set everything up a set of folders will appear on the left hand side.

To send an email to someone press Control +N or IMAP ‣ Compose Mail ‣ New Message. Then you will bring up a compose mail window. Type the email address of the person you want to type the address where it says To. Put the subject of your message in the Subject line. In the main part of the message called the body is where you will add most of your message. If you want to attach a file to your email press the button with the paperclip on it that says Attach. To send your message press the Send button. To save a draft of your message press the Cancel button and then press the Save button to actually save the draft. If you don’t want to save a message press the Cancel button and then press the Discard button. To reopen a saved draft of a message IMAP ‣ Compose Mail ‣ Edit Draft….


To view your messages on Trojita to see new messages you have received in your inbox left click on the word Inbox. In the center of the window will show a list of all messages in your inbox. Unread messages will appear in bold. To view a message left click on the title and subject of the window and it will appear at the bottom. If you want to open this email in a popup window of its own double click the message title. If you receive an email with an attachment a paperclip will appear on the message and click that to download the attachment or open it directly. To switch from text to HTML view click the HTML tab. To switch back to text click on the Text tab. Sometimes HTML email needs to be load external things to view the email and Trojita does not load them by default for privacy but to actually load the content press the Load button.

Your different folders are on a sidebar on the left hand side of Trojita. To switch to another folder such as sent mail to view your sent messages left click on the Sent Mail folder in this case. To switch to the drafts folder left click where it says Drafts.

To move to the next unread message press the n key or to move to the previous message press the p key. To manually toggle marking a message as read press the m key.

To reply to a message to just the person that sent it press Control + Shift +A or IMAP ‣ Private Reply. To forward an email to someone else press Control +Shift+F or IMAP ‣ Forward.


In the center of the window there are several different columns that show you information about each different email you have received. The Subject line shows you a subject that should tell you what each message is about. The From column shows who is sending you this email. The Date Column show when the email was sent to you. The Size column shows you how much space the email takes up on your account on the email server. To see if there is an attachment to a message a column has what looks like a paperclip and it has a paperclip in it if that email has an attachment.

When writing a reply message a window will pop up to write your message in. To send the message press the Send button. If you change your mind about sending this message press the Cancel.

To manually check for new messages Mailbox ‣ Check for new messages. To hide read messages View ‣ Hide read messages and uncheck this to see read messages again. To view newest messages in Trojita first View ‣ Sorting ‣ Descending. To switch back to your old view of oldest message first View ‣ Sorting ‣ Ascending.

To launch an address book of saved contacts IMAP ‣ Address Book. To add a new message to contacts press the Add button. Once on the new contact double click on the fields which are all optional. If you press the X button and have changes you will bring up a dialog to save the changes.

To change your view of Trojita to view only one message at a time or the view of your inbox View ‣ Layout ‣ One At Time which is quite useful on small screens. To view you message in a three column format with your folders to the list of message in each folder in the center and then the message itself on the right View ‣ Layout ‣ Wide. To return to your original view View ‣ Layout ‣ Compact. To hide the menubar press Control+M or View ‣ Show Main Menu Bar and do the same thing again to see the menubar again. To toggle showing your menubar View ‣ Show Toolbar.

To take Trojita into an offline mode where it will not try to access the internet IMAP ‣ Network Access ‣ Offline however you will need to switch it back to expensive access or free access to send or receive emails again. To switch back to an mode where you have no worry about data caps or how much network traffic is used IMAP ‣ Network Access ‣ Free Access. To throttle the amount of data used from Trojita to not use up a data cap IMAP ‣ Network Access ‣ Expensive Connection.

If you want to quit Trojita press Control+Q or from the system tray right click there and select Quit. In the bottom right there is a system tray icon on the panel. When you receive a new message the system tray icon will become blue and have the number of unread messages on it.


Lubuntu Ships with version 0.7-0 of Trojita.

How to Launch

To launch Trojita from the menu Internet ‣ Trojita with the icon that looks like an envelope or run


from the command line.