Chapter 2.5.1 K3b

K3b is the default CD or DVD burning software on Lubuntu.


To start a new data project to save documents and other files File ‣ New Project ‣ New Data Project. To add files to a Project ‣ Add Files…. After doing this a dialog to open files will open up. To select multiple files to add at this time press Control+ Left click on the files. To start an audio CD but this will not allow general files but will be played in a CD player as audio with File ‣ New Project ‣ New Audio CD Project. To create a new video DVD that goes in a DVD player File ‣ New Project ‣ New Video DVD Project. If you have multiple projects to burn at once they can be switched by left clicking the tabs towards the bottom.

Another way to add files is to left click on your files in the center of the window. To switch to a folder double click on them with the left mouse button on a folder. To go up a level press the button that is an upward pointed arrow button. To go back to a previous folder press the leftward pointed arrow button. To go forward to a folder you went back from press the rightward pointed arrow. Another way to switch folders is to click on the folder names on the side pane to the left. To add all files recursively to be added to a project left click to select it and press Shift + Enter to copy all files in a folder or right click and select Add to Project. To reload all files press F5 or right click and select Reload.

To save your files from a project if you wish to burn it later press Control +S or File ‣ Save. To have all the files from a project removed Project ‣ Clear Project.

The files you add to your project will now be shown at a pane towards the bottom of the screen. If you decide against adding a file after adding it you can select it by left clicking and pressing Delete or right click and select Remove. To rename files to be burned to disc left click to select the file and press F2 or right click and select Rename.

To burn to an optical disc press Control+B or Project ‣ Burn. After burning a popup will appear and the disc should eject when it is done.

To change your current directory in the center of the screen there is a sidebar to navigate folder on the left hand side. To switch to folder with the sidebar double click on the folder. To see what other folder are contained in a folder single left click to expand that folder and single left click again to collapse that folder. To add an entire folder right click on that folder and select Add to Project or press Shift+Enter.

To eject the disc from your drive press Device ‣ Eject. To view information on the disc you have inserted Device ‣ Media Info. If you want to lower noise from the spinning of optical drives Device ‣ Set Read Speed… and set a lower number to make the disk spin slower in CD or DVD players for less noise.

If you have a rewriteable disc you can open the dialog to erase the data from it from the Format button or Tools ‣ Format/Erase rewritable disk….

If you want to Rip a CD or copy its contents to your computer Tools ‣ Rip Audio CD. Then the files will be selected and a button for Start Ripping will appear. To change what kind of file to save your files copied to your computer is under the Filetype drop down menu. To toggle whether to create a playlist based on the different tracks on the CD check/uncheck the Create m3u playlist for all the files on the disc. To choose where to save your files press the Target Folder or press the upward pointing arrow to bring a dialog box to choose where to save the file. To actually rip the media press the Start ripping button.


Lubuntu ships with version 21.08.10 of K3b.



How to Launch

To launch K3b from the menu Sound & Video ‣ K3b or run


from the command line. The icon for K3b looks like a red disc with a white flame on top.


To configure settings for K3b Settings ‣ Configure K3b. To ask to save projects on exit automatically check the Ask to save projects on exit checkbox. To hide the main K3b window while burning a disc check the Hide main window while writing checkbox. To toggle showing a splash screen for K3b when it starts up check/uncheck the Show splash screen checkbox. To view information about your devices use the Devices tab. To show settings for Notifications has settings for notifications. The context you use are for choosing Process successful, Process error, Track data not found, Waiting for medium, Mount/unmount failed, No problems found , or Busy. To make a popup show up choose the Show a message in popup checkbox.

To have settings of different plugins for K3b use the Plugin tab. To toggle enabling a plugin press the checkbox to the left of the plugin name. The name and a description of the plugin are in the center column.

To cancel you changes to your settings of K3b press the Cancel button. To apply your changes and leave the window open press the Apply button. To apply changes and close the window press the OK button. To restore settings to defaults press the Restore Defaults button.