Chapter 3.1.1 Fcitx

Fcitx is the default input manager for Lubuntu and shows as a tray applet in lxqt-panel.


First you must launch Fcitx to have it open in the system tray. To have Fcitx automatically start see Chapter 3.2.13.

To use a virtual keyboard right click on the tray icon in the system tray that looks like a keyboard and select Toggle Virtual Keyboard.

To switch your keyboard method with the applet is to left click on the applet Input Method ‣ Desired keyboard layout.

To bring up a configuration dialog for input method right click on the panel applet and Configure current input method.

To change the skin of Fcitx left click on the applet and select Skin ‣ The skin you want.

To configure input methods left click on the applet and select Configure Current Input Method and a window will pop up. To add a new input method press the + button. A dialog will appear to select your input method. To add an input method left click on the input method you want to add and press OK. To not only show your current language in options for an input method uncheck Only Show Current Language. To remove an input method press the - button. To move a keyboard input method up in your order pres the upward pointing arrow button. To move an input method down in the order press the downward pointing arrow. To set your default keyboard layout press the button that looks like a keyboard.

To change how Fcitx looks use the Appearance tab. To change what font size change the Font Size field. To what font Fcitx uses change the Font field. To change the font used in menus change the Menu Font button. To toggle showing a system tray icon check/uncheck the Use System Tray Icon checkbox.

To restart Fcitx right click on the applet and click Restart. To close the Fcitx applet right click the tray icon Exit.


Lubuntu ships with version 1: of Fcitx.



How to launch

To launch the Fcitx applet from the menu System Tools ‣ Fcitx with an icon of a keyboard. If you wish to run the applet from the command line run