Chapter 3.1.1 Fcitx

Fcitx is the default input manager for Lubuntu and shows as a tray applet in lxqt-panel.


To use a virtual keyboard right click on the tray icon in the system tray that looks like a keyboard and toggle virtual keyboard.

To switch your keyboard method with the applet is to left click on the applet Input Method ‣ Desired keyboard layout.

To bring up a configuration dialog for input method right click on the panel applet and Configure current input method.

To restart fcitx right click on the applet and click Restart. To close the Fcitx applet right click the tray icon Exit.


Lubuntu ships with version 1: of Fcitx.



How to launch

To launch the fcitx applet from the menu System Tools ‣ Fcitx with icon with a penguin with a paintbrush. If you wish to run the applet from the command line run