Chapter 2.1.2 Transmission

Transmission is a bit-torrent client.




Lubuntu ships with version 2.94 of Transmission.


To open a torrent file press the open or simply double clicking the torrent file from a web browser after opening it will start Transmission. The torrent file will start download and using your connection to upload to others in a so called peer to peer network. At the bottom you will see an arrow pointing downward to show how fast you are downloading. The up arrow shows how fast you are seeding or uploading the file to others.

While you download your file a progress bar with will show your download for each file once you have it entirely you have see how many people you are seeding to each person and how fast you are uploading to that person.

The button with two || circled is a pause button that can pause all downloads and uploads. To start downloading and uploading again to press a button with a triangle to start uploading and downloading again.

To remove a torrent from the list of torrent files right click on it or Delete and click remove. To delete the files and remove the torrent from the list right click Delete files and remove or press Shift +Delete.

If you want have a move compact view View ‣ Compact View or press Alt + C.

To sort your torrents by activity View ‣ Sort by Activity. To sort your torrents by age View ‣ Sort by Age. To sort your torrents by name View ‣ Sort by Name. To sort your torrents by Progress View ‣ Sort by Progress. To sort your torrents by Queue View ‣ Sort by Queue. To sort your torrents by ratio uploaded to downloaded View ‣ Sort by ratio. To sort your torrents by size View ‣ Sort by Size. To sort your torrents by State View ‣ Sort by State. To sort your torrents by time to finish downloading View ‣ Sort by time left. To reverse the sort order View ‣ Reverse sort order.

If you want to deprioitize the speed of your torrents press the button on the bottom of transmission that looks like a turtle. To change the raio view on the bottom to your total changes Globe button ‣ Total Transfer. To view your upload/download ratio in the current session Globe button ‣ Session Ratio. To view your transfer from the current session only Globe button ‣ Session Transfer.

How to launch

To launch Transmission go to menu Internet ‣ Qtransmission bittorent client or run


from the terminal. The icon looks like a silver box outlined in red with a double pointed vertical arrow.