Chapter 3.2.6 Desktop Notifications

Desktop notifications are the settings for your desktop notifactions such as when someone mentions your name on internet relay chat or the first time you run to configure your power managment settings.


The Basic Settings tab lets you change where Desktop notifications appear on your screen click the button that appears on the portion of your screen where you want them with the outline being your window.

On the Advanced Settings lets you change duration of desktop notifications there is up and down to add or reduce the number of seconds to show notifications for the default is 10 seconds. The sizes width field lets you choose how wide to make notifications. The spacing field changes how far to place the notification from each other.




Lubuntu ships with version 0.13.0 of desktop notifications.

How to launch

To launch Desktop notifications from the menu Preferences ‣ LXQt settings ‣ Desktop Notifications. In lxqt-configuration center press the Desktop Notification button which looks like a giant !. To launch the configuration from the command line run