Chapter 2.2.1 LibreOffice

LibreOffice is the default open source full office suite for Lubuntu. In the menu there are shortcuts to different LibreOffice applications and your recently used files.


To open a recently used file in LibreOffice they are shown in the main part of the window by pressing the Recent Files button. To open a program or to create a file from a file dialog are along the left hand column under the Create header. To open a particular file press the Open File button. To start a new document from a template press the Templates button and left click on the template you want.

LibreOffice all of the different components have a window menu that lets you switch between a document in LibreOffice writer and LibreOffice calc. To do this go to Window and select the window that you want to switch to.

LibreOffice if you shutdown without saving your work LibreOffice will automatically recover the document. If you do not want to recover a document press the Discard button. If you want to automatically recover the document press the Start button. To finish recovery press the Finish button. If document recovery keeps on failing and won’t launch run on the command line

libreoffice --norestore

from the command line to stop crashes at document recovery.


If you are about to close a document without saving it in LibreOffice a dialog will popup asking Save changes to document before closing?. If you do not want to save what you were working on press the Don’t Save button. To not quit LibreOffice press the Cancel button. To Save the document to not lose your work press the Save button.




Lubuntu ships with version of LibreOffice.

How to Launch

From the menu Office ‣ LibreOffice to launch LibreOffice or run


from the command line. The icon for LibreOffice is a white piece of paper with a folded right hand corner.