Chapter 4.1 Discover Software Center

Discover allows you to install and remove programs and utilities. It has a simplistic interface making it easy to navigate and use. However, Discover only shows GUI application packages so if you are looking for command line packages please use Muon Package Manager instead.


Discover allows you to search for applications by using the Search box. To search for programs in discover type in the search bar in the upper left or press Control + F. To view featured applications press the house button in the top left hand corner. Clicking on a program will give you a description of it. When installing or removing software, you will be prompted for your password. You can also browse through different categories on the left clicking on the different categories. To move back from a category or search press the Back button which functions similar to the back button in a web browser. In the results after selecting your program you are looking at you can select a screenshot and get a bigger view of the screenshot click on the screenshot. To exit from the screenshot press Escape or click not on the screenshot.

Press the leftward pointed arrow button to moves back in your history. Press the rightward pointed arrow to move forward in your history.

To view user reviews of a program click on the text Show All Reviews. To exit the user reviews press Escape or click outside the areas of reviews. Below the reviews there is information on the package such as the Version and License.

Discover allows you to update software using the Updates tab located on the bottom of the left column. You can click the Check for Updates button to check for updates manually. If you have updates that need to be installed Update with a gear and will be highlighted in orange and the number of updates that are available. When you select updates to install and have updates towards the upper left shows you the number of packages to update and the size of the download in parenthesis. To finally update press the Update All button or press Alt+U to install all updates and then you will need to enter your password and press the OK button to make sure you are the one installing these updates.


To remove software use the Installed tab or press Alt +I. You can browse your installed packages, search using the search bar (upper left corner), and the click the remove button to remove software by pressing the Remove button. To view more details on the program left click on it. If you have a program installed there will also be a Launch button will actually launch this program.


In the upper right corner of discover you can have a Sort category to sort your search results by name, rating, size, or release date.

To get to your settings on what software to use install use the Settings tab. To remove a source such as a PPA click the hidden red X button on the right hand side of to remove it. To toggle enabling or disabling a software source check or uncheck the checkbox next to that software source.




Lubuntu ships with version 5.16.4 of Discover.

How to Launch

To launch Discover from the menu System Tools ‣ Discover or run


from the command line.