Chapter 5.5 Keyboard Menu Navigation

Lubuntu 18.10 allows you to move through the menus of with only the keyboard instead of having to use the mouse. Looking at the menus there is an underlined with a letter. To open that menu with a for example ofter the file menu can be opened with Alt + F. One other thing to notice is that with Alt + underlined character. The currently selected menu item will appear in a different color.

Once you have the menu opened you can use the up and down arrow keys to move up and down in a menu. If the menu has to the right you can press Right arrow to expand into a submenu. To move back up a level from the menu press Left arrow. If you want to exit the menu press escape. To move to adjacent menu to the left press Alt + left arrow. To move to an adjacent menu to the right press Alt + right arrow. To activate an item on your menu press Enter.