Chapter 3.2.7 File Associations

File Associations changes the default application to open a file.


To search for which file extension you want to change to open in another program you can search in the top box with a magnifying glass for that file format. On the left is really long collapsible list of all mimetypes that you can change look through but searching will be much faster. To expand a particular group of mimetypes from the group on the left press the + button. To collapse a group of mimetypes press the - button. Once you find the filetype you want to change on the top right it tells you what kind of file that mimetype is and shows the extensions. The current default is shown on the lower right with a change button that brings up a menu for you to change it to something else. To change a default press the Change button and it brings up a menu to choose the new default program for this kind of file.


To choose several common programs to end up using as default application use the Default Applications tab. For each application to change to a different default application press the Change button.

To reset your changes press the Reset button if you don’t want to keep your buttons. Once you are happy with your choices press the Close button or press the Escape key.




Lubuntu ships with version 0.17.1 of File Associations

How to Launch

From the menu Preferences ‣ LXQt settings ‣ File Associations or from the command line run


The icon for File Associations is a gear with a white circle on top.