Chapter 3.2.19 Bluetooth Manager

Bluetooth Manager connects to your machine to other device via Bluetooth.


To search for Bluetooth devices press the Search button. The Bluetooth devices you will have found will be shown in the center of the window.

To pair with a device press the Key button. After pairing for the first time you will be asked permissions based on what type of device it is press Accept to allow access or Deny to not allow access. To mark a device as trusted press the Checkmark button. To remove a device from your device list press the - button or Device ‣ Remove.


To change settings on whether your Bluetooth is visible to other devices or your name on Bluetooth select Adapter ‣ Preferences. To make your Bluetooth not show up when other people are selecting Bluetooth devices to connect to select Hidden. To have your Bluetooth adapter show up whenever anyone searches select Always visible. To have your Bluetooth appear for a short amount of time select Temporarily Visible and then use the slider to select the amount of time to make the adapter visible. To change the name you show up on bluetooth type your name in the Name field.


To transfer a file over Bluetooth press the Send file button or right click the adapter and select Send a file. Then a file picker will pop up to select the file. The recipient of the file may be prompted to need to accept the file.

To connect to a saved Bluetooth device left click to select the device and Device ‣ Connect or right click and select Connect. To cancel a connection press the X button. To view info on a paired device Device ‣ Info or right click and select Info. To block a device Device ‣ Block or right click and select Block. To disconnect a device Device ‣ Disconnect. To rename a Bluetooth device Device ‣ Rename device or right click on a device Rename device. and type in what you want and press OK. To remove a device Device ‣ Remove or right click Remove.

On the bottom of the window there shows you statistic about how much data has been sent over Bluetooth first how much you uploaded, downloaded and then the speed of the connection.

To toggle showing the toolbar check/uncheck Device ‣ Show Toolbar. To toggling showing the statusbar Device ‣ Show Statusbar. To hide unnamed devices View ‣ Hide unnamed devices.


Lubuntu ships with version 2.3.5 of Bluetooth Manager.

How To Launch

To launch Bluetooth Manager Preferences ‣ Bluetooth Manager or run


from the command line.