Chapter 3.2.19 Screensaver

Screensaver is an application to control what screensavers are used on the system and how long it takes to activate the screensaver.


The Mode drop down has 4 settings Disable Screen Saver turns off the screensaver, Blank Screen Only just turns the screen itself off, Only One Screen Saver sets one screensaver, and Random Screen Saver selects a random screensaver. If you selected to blank the screen change the Blank After field. If you have a random screensaver set you can change with the number of minutes it says with Cycle After for when the screensaver will change to another one. Check the checkbox for Lock Screen After takes the number of minutes to lock the screen and change minutes to change how soon to lock the screen.

To change your screensaver to a different screensaver left click on the name of the screensaver on the left hand side of the screen. You can see a small preview of the screensaver on the right hand side of the window.


If you try to select a screensaver that is not installed it will not show on the right hand side of the window. To preview a screensaver as when it would be activated press the Preview button. To see more settings for each individual screensaver press the Settings button.

To make the screen blank File ‣ Blank Screen Now. To lock your Screen File ‣ Lock Screen Now. If you want to kill the daemon File ‣ Kill Daemon. To restart the screensaver daemon File ‣ Restart Daemon. To restart xscreensaver File ‣ Restart Daemon.

If you try to open the screensaver settings without having the screensaver daemon running you will bring up a dialog if you want to launch it.

To change to get even more settings on your screensaver use the Advanced tab. To have your screen fade to black when blanking check the Fade to Black when Blanking checkbox. To have your screen fade back in from screen blanking check the Fade from Black When Unblanking. To change how fast your screen fades change the Fade Duration field.



Lubuntu ships with version 5.42 of Screensaver

How to Launch

To launch Screensaver from the menu Preferences ‣ Screensaver or run


from the command line. The icon for Screensaver looks like purple night picture of the sky at night.